The number of Minebea miniature ball bearings<br>produced since visiting this page:

Minebea boasts the top share of miniature ball bearings in the global market.

Global No.1

Since miniature ball bearings are vital in machines, they are also known as an "industry staple." Minebea produces ultra-high-precision high-quality parts in our own factories throughout the world, supporting all kinds of manufacturing.

"Ultra" precision that surpasses the precision up to now.

Miniature ball bearings affect the performance of machines if there is even the slightest error. Minebea is uncompromising in pursuit of precision.

Surface roughness (Ra)

"Surface roughness (Ra)" is crucial in bearing precision. Minebea controls polishing at the minimum unit of 0.00001 mm in pursuit of ultra-high precision.

From the smallest miniature ball bearings in the world derived from our commitment to precision,
To rod end bearings that are the joints in aircrafts, LCD backlights for smartphones, lighting equipment, and electronic components for space rockets. Expanding the potential to manufacture a variety of precision parts throughout the world.


Wherever there is "rotation."

The bearings in products such as ATMs, automatic ticket gates, PC's, and vacuum cleaners are indispensable for the "rotation" that makes the world go around today.

At bank ATMs, for example, Minebea bearings are used in the rollers that are used when money and statements are loaded or dispensed. Minebea precision products support ATM operations, which require high reliability.

Multi Functional Printer (MFP)

Continually rotating by your side.

The printers that continually print without pause in offices and schools. More than 200 Minebea parts are continually rotating at this very moment.

The printers that are installed in offices and the like continue to work all the time during business hours. Minebea precision motors continually operate in such rigorous environments, reducing paper jams, and saving energy.


With Minebea's products for aircraft, we support the safety of flight

Aircraft traverse the skies throughout the world. More than 1000 types of Minebea aircraft parts that have been certified by major aircraft manufacturers are in constant flight.

Although aircraft look sturdy at a glance, "warping" may occur when the load suddenly shifts as a result of squalls and changes in air currents during flight, so we devise a variety of measures to avoid such warping. Minebea rod end bearings and spherical bearings are the joints of the aircraft, literally taking up that role.


Manipulating light like magic.

Lighting illuminates the night. While lighting may seem to be an entirely different field from bearings, we used the precision machining technology cultivated for Minebea bearing manufacturing to develop new lenses, and these lenses freely manipulate light.

Because it has been difficult to control light up to now, street lights on roads and in tunnels illuminated not only the roadway, but also the side roads and the residences facing the side roads. Minebea's thin lenses freely manipulate the light allowing for light to be directed only to the location where it is needed.


Changing craftsman "intuition" to "conviction."

Sensors measuring pressure and weight in minute units. From scales, to IV pumps, to Japanese sake breweries, Minebea sensors measure readings that are imperceptible to humans.

Koji rice yeast is vital in the Japanese sake brewing process. The activity of the yellow koji yeast included in the steaming rice requires precise capture of the optimal amount of moisture. Minebea products are used in sensors that are used toward this end.


Supporting automobiles from the inside.

Each automobile uses several tens of thousands of parts, from the engine and drive parts to the instruments inside the car and the body. A variety of Minebea machined components and electronic components are enhancing comfort in automobiles and contributing to environmental friendliness.

Automobiles that are constantly evolving continually call for new parts. From turbocharger units that supply ample power even in compact cars, to noise-reduction air conditioning units, HVAC actuators that contribute to weight reduction, sensors in the steering system, and motor sensors in electric vehicles, Minebea products support automotive development.

The Minebea Spirit is taking root globally. Devoted to "ultra-precise." Employees with the Minebea spirit throughout the world are supporting the global development of the Minebea Group.


The headquarters lead the Minebea Group.

Starting with the Tokyo, the mother plants that form the base of production for the Asia region--including Karuizawa, Hamamatsu, Matsuida, Fujisawa, and Yonago--have played a central role in the global Minebea Group.

The research and development expertise of the entire Group is aggregated in the Tokyo Research and Development Center (TRDC) in Mita, Tokyo, and we are engaged in research and development every day. In addition, the use of our corporate helicopter in traveling between sites supports enhanced growth speed and high mobility in the Minebea Group.



Main production base handling mass production

Since the launch of manufacturing activities in 1982, we have set up plants in Ayutthaya, Bang Pa-In, Lop Buri, Rojana, and Navanakorn, supporting Minebea mass production through locally based plant operations.

Ties with local life are strong--building elementary schools, baseball fields, and the like--and when flooding occurred in Thailand in 2011, our employees worked together to restore the plants. Deeply rooted in the local sites, we have created a company that is loved.



State-of-the-art facilities featuring the newest equipment and machinery in the Group

The newest equipment and machinery in the Minebea Group as well as environmental protection systems have been installed. We are manufacturing machining components and electronic components for the global market, centered around the Shanghai plant.

The Shanghai plant is an important basin of Shanghai City, adjacent to Lake Dianshan, with its beautiful vistas. In consideration of the surrounding environment, we have introduced a state-of-the-art water purification system, 100% recycled industrial wastewater, and zero plant effluent.



The core base of the US space and aviation industries

We are manufacturing products for the North American market, centered on New Hampshire Ball Bearings, which produces aircraft parts.

The Peterborough plant is located at the foot of Mount Monadnock, which is said to be one of the most climbed mountains in the world. We are continually producing machined components and bearings at the Laconia plant in the same state, and ball bearings in the Chatsworth plant in Southern California. Our US bearing plants boast an overwhelming market share in the aerospace industry.



Development and design base for special parts

We are combining the characteristics of each Minebea Group company featuring high specialization to achieve the design and development of new and unprecedented products.

The PMDM has a track record of fluid-thermal analysis, myonic has a history in special ball bearings for aerospace and medical application, and CEROBEAR GmbH is strong in ceramic parts. Germany is a developed manufacturing country, and the spirit of the great many German engineers who gather here in the high-tech industry inspires the Minebea Group with a unique air, and we are organically linked.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Main base for the European aviation industry

Since 1988, we have been operating the main base supporting the European aviation industry here, centered on parts for aircraft manufacturers.

The Lincoln Cathedral was the tallest building in the world for over 300 years since the 13th century. We set up a plant in the traditional town of Lincoln, which features this historic symbol, where we continue to support the European aviation industry.

All About Minebea

The Minebea Group products that are spreading throughout the world are flourishing
right by your side at this very moment as well.
Passion to Exceed Precision
Minebea will continue to expand the potential for manufacturing
throughout the world through passion for ultra-precision.

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